Stora Enso: Rethink now

We will be publishing the critique of small shareholders and foreign guests at this forum in days to come. First out, Flavio Pazos from World Rainforest Movement

24.4.2012 / Stora Enso Annual General Meeting, Helsinki

Hello, my name is Flavio Pazos and I come from Uruguay.

My country is a land of grasslands, with rich soils traditionally oriented to food production. I´m representing social organizations fighting against the expansion of monoculture tree plantations in Uruguay and in the world.

The promotion of large-scale fast-growing monoculture tree plantations by our governments started some years ago. Today these plantations occupy over one million hectares of land.

Throughout these years, tree plantations has destroyed our grasslands and aquifer replenishment areas, surrounded grazing lands, left populations in isolation and made any agricultural production almost impossible.

Montes del Plata, a joint venture created by Arauco and Stora Enso, owns almost two hundreds and fifty thousands hectares of land in Uruguay. Stora Enso is currently constructing one of the largest pulp mills in the world.  This mill is being built in southwest Uruguay, the centre of our country’s dairy industry. In a secret investment contract revealed last year, the national government has granted a series of exclusive and extraordinary benefits to Montes del Plata, to Stora Enso.

If Stora Enso has nothing to hide, why Stora Enso had signed a secret agreement with a confidential clause?

The benefits include the government’s pledge that it will permit the planting of one hundred thousand hectares of eucalyptus within a two hundred kilometers radius of the future mill.

To do this, the authorities will have to reclassify the soils on lands that up until now have served for the successful production of food. This move enormously benefits to Montes del Plata, since it will significantly cut transportation costs.

These are legal activities, but are social and environmental crimes.

Stora Enso is a world land grabber, in China, in Brazil and also in Uruguay. Stora Enso is destroying not only our land but our future. This company belongs to you.

So I have the duty to say that you are committing environmental and social crimes all over the World.

Just to have more Money. Just to produce more tissue paper. May be your tissue paper is useful to clean your hands. But it won’t help you to clean your consciousness. May be some day you will want to do that. In order to do that, you should now rethink what you are doing.


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  1. neitinomad Says:

    yritin lähettää sähköpostia Maattomien Ystävien mailiosoitteeseen (maattomat at mutta se tuli bumerangina takaisin. Etsimme puhujaa erääseen tilaisuuteen Helsinkiin ja Maattomien ystävät tulivat ensimmäisenä mieleen, joten toivottavasti saadaan yhteys teihin!

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